Yu Garden in Shanghai

The Yu Garden (Yuyuan Garden 豫园) in Shanghai is one of the most beautiful gardens in China.

The garden, located in the northeast of the Old Town of Shanghai, covers an area of more than 20000 square meters and 28 buildings is easily accessible by Shanghai Metro Line 10.

Sculpture in Yuyuan Garden Shanghai
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During the Ming Dynasty, in 1559, the imperial official Pan Yunduan created the garden in the Suzhou style as a private garden for his parents .In the 19th century,during the Opium Wars, the Taiping Rebellion and the Sino-Japanese War, the Yu Yuan garden was severely damaged. The reconstruction started in 1960 and since 1961 the garden is open to the public.

Inside a building in Yu Garden Shanghai
Inside a building in Yu Garden @copyright myVideoMedia

 A Chinese garden always consists of four elements: water, rocks, plants and a pagoda. Furthermore It is important that the design of a garden never shows its entirety, to allow different landscapes within a garden. 

Inside Yu Garden Shanghai
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Since 1982, the Yu Garden is a national monument of China.

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