Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece, is the second largest city in Greece and has always been an important transport hub. Today it is considered as an important gateway from Europe to Istanbul and to the Near East. In addition, Thessaloniki has a good reputation as a university, cultural, trade and industrial city.

 In the east of the city is the exhibition ground, which is dominated by OTE TV Tower. From here, it is only a few steps to the eastern end of the promenade with the landmark of Thessaloniki, the White Tower. Built in the 15th Century, it served as defense and fortifications and later as a prison and place of execution. Today it is a museum.

White Tower of Thessaloniki
White Tower of Thessaloniki @coypright myVideoMedia

 An equestrian statue of Alexander the Great was erected in immediate proximity. Alexander's family originates from a Macedonian royal house. Originally described as barbarians by the classical Greeks, Alexander's father Philip II succeeded for the first time to conquer and unite Greece. However Alexander's foolhardy conquests up to the border of India integrated the Macedonians in Hellas.

Thessaloniki was founded by Cassander, a Macedonian king, and named after his wife, a half-sister of Alexander the Great. Further east we arrive at the Dikastirion square with a monument of Eleftherios Venizelos. At one corner of the square one can visit the Ottoman Bey hamam, the largest Turkish bath of the city.

Statue of Aristoteles
Statue of Aristoteles  @copyright myVideoMedia

During the lunchtime, we look for a tavern at the Aristoteles Square, the most beautiful square in the city and watch the people at their busy hustle and bustle. Even Aristotle seems to make his thoughts on the people.

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