Quebec City Walk

Quebec, Canada, is the most French of the Canadian cities and the oldest European colony in Canada at all, today with three quarter of a million inhabitants.

Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, it remained under French administration until 1759. In this year, the British decided the battle on the level of Abraham for themselves, the city capitulated, and the Peace of Paris in 1763 brought Quebec and all of Canada under the British crown.
An attempt of the USA to conquer the town failed twelve years later. The city and thus the whole province, is named according to the expression Kebek from the Algonquian language, describing the narrowness of the river of the St-Laurent at Quebec, where the river could be crossed most easily.

Around the Place d'Armes and the Cháteau Frontenac there are a number of restaurants that attract tourists, as well as street performers.

View of Quebec from Levis
Quebec seen from Levis @copyright myVideoMedia
A side trip to Lévis, on the opposite side of the St-Laurent is worthwile. From here you have the best view of the Château Frontenac and the Citadel.

Rue du Trésor @copyright myVideoMedia
At night, Quebec shines in a true blaze of colour. If you feel like, you can now make your purchases. The Rue du Trésor is now used as a picture gallery. The name commemorates the French treasury where the colonists had to pay their taxes.

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