Palace of Nestor

The Palace of Nestor lies on a hill, 3 km southwest of Chora and 9 km northeast of the Bay of Navarino in the Peloponnese, Greece.

The ancient Mycenaean settlement with the palace, was discovered in 1939 by Carl W. Blegen, an American archaeologist and his team from the University of Cincinnati. Maybe it was the residence which was described by Homer in the Iliad. In any case, it has been shown that this place was the capital of an important Mycenaean empire.

Bathroom Palace of Nestor - Greece
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At excavations, an originally two-storey palace with numerous store rooms and a multitude at containers came to light. Fascinating objects are one artfully designed the richly decorated bathtub and a fireplace in the midst of the throne room. Some Tholos Tombs, of which one was restored, were found immediately next to the palace of Nestor.

Tholos Tomb IV at Epano Englianos @copyright myVideoMedia

Most of found objects are displayed in a separate museum in the nearby village of Chora.

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The excavation site is covered by a roof, so it is not a problem to visit it also in the summer heat.

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