Kowloon City

Kowloon City - 九龙 城-  is a district of Hong Kong. It developed from a Chinese fortress which was build on the opposite site of the Hong Kong Island, which was leased to Great Britain.

Kowloon City should not to be confused with the urban area Kowloon, the biggest part of the Special Administrative Region Hongkong of the People's Republic of China . Kowloon – 九龍 - means Nine Dragons and was coined by the last emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Training for the annual Dragon Boat races
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Coming from Hong Kong Island, we enjoy the views of the scenery of Hong Kong Central from the waterfront in front of the town hall and watch the training for the annual Dragon Boat races. Main shopping street in Kowloon City is the Nathan Road. However, in the densely populated area, there are a number of known markets. In addition to the meat and vegetable market, the Bird Market and the Jade Market are the most popular.

Market Kowloon City
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We were surprised, when we suddenly stand in front of a small cruise ship surrounded by skyscrapers. Even more surprising was to see a large ice skating rink inside, which brings a pleasant cooling in the midst of the tropical climate.

Whampoa Hong Kong
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Besides Daoist temple we come past a mosque and a Christian church.

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