Gythio - Peloponnes

Gythio – Γύθειο - on the Peloponnese, Greece, is the eastern gate to the Mani. Once it was an important military and commercial port of the Spartans.

We reach Gythio the evening and enjoy the food in one of the tavernas on the harbor. The next morning we explore the town and the island of Marathonisi, which is connected to the mainland by a picturesque causeway.

Gythio Peloponnes
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 It is said that Paris and Helen of Troy shall have spent their first night of love on their escape from Sparta to Troy on the island of Marathonisi - Μαραθονήσι.

Marathonisi Peloponnes Greece
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After Gythio was destroyed first by an earthquake and then by the Goths, the town gained importance again in the late 18th century by the influx of the influential family Grigorakis. Today, their former fortified house on the island is a museum after it served as an operating base for the fleet in the Greek struggle for liberation.

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