Eaton Centre in Toronto - Canada

The Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is named after Timothy Eaton, an Irish immigrant who opened a general store at this point, in 1869. It was the foundation stone for the former Eaton's department store chain.

One reaches the Eaton Centre via Queens or Younge Street. We were astonished to see relatively few people on the street but later we recognized where they are.

inside Eaton Centre Toronto
In this huge, multi-storey shopping and business center, you can observe the multicultural diversity of the city. In the basement, a wide variety of restaurants are serving delicious food from all parts of the world, even if the plastic culture is already widespread here.

The Eaton Centre is one of many points where the Path, as the network of belowground pedestrian tunnels of Toronto is called, can be entered. In the Downtown, buildings are virtually all connected underground by means of the Path, at which 1,500 shops and restaurants are located. In wintertime it is a convenient way for shopping without taking the snow-covered streets. 
Path Toronto

There is also direct access from the subway to the Path, so that you can confidently relinquish your car. Sometimes it is not easy for foreigners to keep the orientation. Then one approaches confidently to the locals. The friendly Canadians show you willingly the right way.

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