Traismauer - Lower Austria

Traismauer, a municipality in Lower Austria, lies 15 km south-east of Krems in the Wachau.

Roman Gate in Traismauer AustriaAfter the decline of the Roman culture, the changeful history of the migration period began. In Traismauer, the complete gate of a small Roman fort is still conserved. The roof structures were complemented in Gothic style.

Traismauer AustriaThe castle, built on the ruins of the fort, housed until autumn 2006 a branch of the Museum of Prehistory of Lower Austria with remnants of the Celts, Quadi, Marcomanni, Vandals, Germans, Goths, Huns, Lombards, Avars and Slavs who all left their traces here.

The area was never depopulated by an onrushing horde, it always came to mixture of ethnic groups. This varied history perhaps explains the casual humane mentality of the Austrians.

As of the middle of the 6th Century, the Bavarians from the House of Agilolfing, took over the power in the northern Alpine region until they were annexed by Charlemagne as a tribal duchy into a Carolingian Frankish Empire. From the year 907 until the Battle of Lechfeld in 955, the Magyars dominated this region. In 996, the name Ostarrîchi (the old High German word for Austria) was first time mentions for an area at Neuhofen at the Ybbs.

The pieces shown should now be exhibited in the Museum of Prehistory in Asparn Zaya, a town in the district of Mistelbach in Lower Austria.

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