The ruins of Aggstein - Lower Austria

The ruins of Aggstein are located in the district of Melk, Lower Austria. From here you have the best view over the Danube Valley in the Wachau.

ruins of Aggstein in Lower Austria
The castle, enthroned high above the Danube on a rock, was considered impregnable, but it was repeatedly conquered and destroyed. Presumably it was besieged and starved.

Originally it was in the possession of the Kuenringer family. In the 15th Century, the castle owed its notorious reputation to the chamberlain Jörg Scheck vom Walde. The castle was enfeoffed to him by Albrecht V and he could demand tolls from upstream moving ships. In exchange he had to provide for the maintenance of tows, where the ships were drawn and to secure the shipping. But soon he became a robber knight, who robbed ships. He arrested the owners respectively the captains in the rose garden, a small rocky outcrop, until ransom was paid or they jumped to their death or starved to death.

Danube seen from the ruins of Aggstein
On the opposite banks of the Danube one can recognize Willendorf, the finding spot of the Venus of Willendorf.

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