West Hill Kunming - China

From the West Hill of the city of Kunming, located in the furthest outreaches of Southwest China in the Province of Yunnan, at an elevation of 2000 m, you have a beautiful panoramic view on the lake and the city. 

Temple at West Hill Kunming
The temple complex of Huating and the Taihua Temple are popular excursion destinations. The Sanqing Pavilion and the Dragon's Gate are directly carved in the sheer rock cliffs. The journey up to see them leads over steep steps and narrow paths. Currently however, there are two chair lifts available to bring tourists to the summit in a more comfortable manner.

View from West Hill Kunmng China
The mild climate is perfect for tobacco farming which is the city's main source of income. The climate also provides the city its name of “The City of Eternal Spring“. However, it is ill-rumored that Kunming is the main trans-shipment center for narcotics, since it is located close to the Golden Triangle – just 500 km from Vietnam and Laos and 700 km from Myanmar. Nonetheless, Kunming is an important transport junction and center for industry and trade. Various ores are mined around the Kunming area as well. 

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