River surfing at the Eisbach in Munich - Germany

City surfing at the Eisbach near Haus der Kunst art museum is a popular leisure activity in Munich.

River Surfing at the Eisbach in MunichThe Eisbach is fed from the Isar River and runs straight through the English Garden in Munich. At the Prinzregentenstrasse, the water shoots out of a tunnel at 5 meters per second and produces the famous Eisbach wave. In cold water, only one surfer at a time can ride on the wave. 

City Surfer at the Eisbach
Due to stone cuboids lying under water the place cannot be recommended harmlessly and is only for experienced surfers.

Not least due of the documentary
Keep Surfing the river surfing on the Eisbach became internationally famous. Even the surfer and musician Jack Johnson surfed already here.


Best place to watch river surfer at the Eisbach in Munich
Office workers often use their lunch break to watch the athletes from the box seat in the Prinzregentenstrasse.

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