Pylos - Navarino - Greece

On our the way to Pylos, in Italian called Navarino, we came across the bay of Navarino and Pylos. Today, bathers and camping tourists bustle about at the place where two major battles had taken place.

Pylos-Navarino425 BC after a battle in favor of the Athenians in the Peloponnesian War, the Athenians beat the Spartan troops on land.

Famous is the naval battle of Navarino in the Greek War of Independence in 1827. In the last naval battle in history, who was beaten with sailing ships; the Ottoman fleet, combined with fleet parts of Egypt, was destroyed by the Allies (United Kingdom, France and Russia). This led to the independence of Greece.

Among other things, the bronze statue of the Bavaria in Munich was later poured from the cannons of the sunken Ottoman fleet.

Bay of NavarinoAs the bay is accessible from the sea, only by two narrow passages, it forms a perfect protected natural harbor. Two forts testify that it has always been a popular strategic goal. The older one at the northern entrance is left as a ruin. 

Pylos Fort
The newer, at the southern end of the bay in modern Pylos, is more remarkable. It was established under Venetian rule, in the course of history it changed hands between Venetians and Ottomans.

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