Haidhausen, a quarter of Münich, is already more than 1200 years old.

Haidhausen a quarter of Munich

It is located east of the city center and was formerly known as worker's suburb. Today, Haidhausen is, besides Schwabing, a scene district with many restaurants, cafes and shops.


Maximileanuem Munich GermanyThe Maximilianeum in Haidhausen, is the seat of the Bavarian Parliament and the Maximilianeum Foundation, which supports gifted students from Bavaria and the Palatinate. 
View from Maximileaneum to Maxmilianstrasse 
Due to the location on the high river bank of the Isar, you have a great overview of the Maximilian Street, Munich's most prestigious shopping street. Architect of the building was Friedrich Bürklein contracting King Max II.

Munich Wiener Platz
In the immediate vicinity is the Wiener Platz (Viennese square) with a year-round market. The square is one of the most beautiful places in Munich and is named after the beginning of the connecting road to Vienna. Here in the centre of Haidhausen, Munich still has kept his original village character.

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