Englischer Garten - the English Garden in Munich - Germany

The Englische Garten (German for English Garden) in Munich, Germany with almost 4 km², belongs to the largest parks in the world which may be used publicly by everyone. It was designed by Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell for the Palatine Elector Carl Theodor and his successor Joseph Maximilian I.


Seehaus Englischer GartenVarious leisure activities can be used; it is cozy to enjoy a beer at the Chinese Tower or at the Seehaus, or you just sit on a park bench, watching the nature.


Monopterus Englischer Garten Munich
The Monopteros, a round Greek style temple on a hill often serves as a meeting point and as viewing platform for the skyline of the city center. The Schönfeldwiese (Schönfeld meadow) in front of the Monopterus and the Schwabinger Bach, a small river in the English Garden, are known as nude sunbathing areas during the summer months.


English Garden Munich
For dog lovers, the English Garden is a paradise. The landscape is in large parts almost unspoiled, primarily in the northern area in the Hirschau between middle ring and the Aumeister beer garden.

The park is very popular for horse riders, even if they only lead their horse.

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