Elephants in the Kruger National Park

Our encounter with elephants in the Kruger National Park 

We drove along a gravel piste in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, when suddenly we discovered a stately bull elephant in the bushes to our left. The elephant had noticed us, flapped his ears and came towards us. You could see that he was angry, but we continued filming, always one foot on the accelerator.


Elephant in Kruger National ParkIt turned and walked in the opposite direction. Suddenly he started sprinting and attacked our car from behind. I hit the gas, the rear tires spin a lot of gravel around and the car began slowly to move. After some meters we realized why he was so angry.

Its herd was on the other side of the street and we were in the middle. We set back slowly, but a small elephant probably watched the scene and came in our direction with flapping ears. Again, I wanted to give gas, but had forgotten that I still had inserted the reverse gear. The car made a jerk in his direction.

An adolescent elephant came running, gave the small elephant a nudge, according to the motto: 'You better take care about the food'. Turning in our direction, it flapped the ears, as if it wanted to say 'it is enough now'.


Elephants in Kruger National ParkThe mothers and aunts watched the scene in silence and probably thought: "Machos" Then the herd crossed the road and the day took its course

Text and video: copyright@myVideoMedia