Bell and Drum Tower Beijing - China

Magic drums in Drum Tower in Beijing are a must for any Beijing visitor. 

Drummers in drum tower BeijingA presentation of the drummers is a special experience, since the loud sounds of the drums shakes you through the core.


Bell Tower Beijing
Bell Tower
In China, Drum Tower and Bell Tower always form a unity and are usually in the middle of town. In ancient China, the day was divided into double-hours and signaled by bells. The drums were beaten as a signal for the changing of the night-watch. 

In 1924, when the last emperor left the Forbidden City, bell and drum tower had lost the role as official timekeeper.
Drum Tower Beijing
Drum Tower

In addition to the Drum Tower of Xian, the Drum Tower of Beijing (Zhōnglóu -
钟楼) is the most famous. It is 46.7 m high, and dates from 1420. It originally housed 25 drums.

The towers offer a good view of the underlying traditional alleyways, the Hutongs.

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