Hurghada to Luxor - Egypt

We expected a normal bus ride from Hurghada to Luxor in Egypt. The first part of the journey led across a relatively good road through the desert from Hurghada up to the Nile Valley. 


Children in the desert between Hurgarda and LuxorDuring a short stopover, the opportunity to watch some native children arose, who shyly accepted little things from the tourists. At the next stop at the edge of the Nile valley we saw already a larger number of busses waiting for us. Quickly we realized why!

arranging the convoy of busses to Hurgarda
The busses were arranged in convoys and accompanied by police and militias through the Nile Valley to Luxor. After every 2nd to 3rd bus, a modified pickup truck was positioned, each with usually 3 young men with automatic weapons. The convoy drove speedily through the valley, only interrupted by checkpoints where armed vehicles were waiting. We arrived safely in Luksor.

A few days later at darkness, the return journey was organized, which did not prevent our driver to drive without lights. Only a scanty street lighting and the moon delivered so much brightness, that the contours of the street were recognizable. When a passenger lit a cigarette, the driver experienced a fit of rage. But not, because someone had smoked in the bus; He was afraid that the gleam of light could serve as a target for snipers. 3 years later, 68 mostly Western tourists were killed in a terrorist attack at the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor.

Text and video: copyright@myVideoMedia