St. Pölten in Lower Austria

St. Pölten is the provincial capital of Lower Austria since 1986. It emerged from the Roman City Aelium Cetium. Remains are to be seen at City Hall. The architect Jacob Prandtauer lived in St. Pölten for a long time and gave the city its baroque character.

With the foundation of the Benedictine monastery of St. Hippolytus by representatives of the Tegernsee Abbey, the city gained in importance. St. Hippolytus gave St. Pölten his name. The cathedral square was once the center of the Roman settlement.

Institute of the English lady in St. Poelten
The Institute of the English lady was also designed by Jacob Prandtauer. Notable personalities have visited the school, e.g. the poetess and writer Enrica Handel-Mazzetti.

Herrenplatz St Poelten in Austria
One of the tourist attraction is the Herrenplatz in the center of the city, surrounded by numerous Baroque buildings. Around the Marian column, flowers and seasonal fruits are offered daily. On Tuesday is the City Market where one can buy cheese, meat and bread. The surrounding cafes invite to stay for a while.

Mayor's office in cty hall St Poelten - Austria
Worth seeing is the Mayor's office with its the magnificent baroque stuccoed ceiling from 1722. It is among the most beautiful ceilings in Austria and shows the Emperors of Holy Roman Empire, from Frederick III to Charles VI. The Mayor's office serves as representational room and as venue for small concerts.


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