Perea on the coast of the Gulf of Thermaikos

Perea, a suburb of Thessaloniki, is located approx. 17 kilometers southeast of the city center on the coast of the Thermaic Gulf in Central Macedonia.


Perea a suburb of Thessaloniki at the Thermaic Gulf Perea is the ideal place to relax after the long car ride to Greece. We have chosen the land route via Belgrade and did not, as usual after the Balkan Wars, take the ferry to Igoumenitsa, because we wanted to save our dog a steel cage on the ship.


Sunset in Perea near Thessaloniki Greece
With the seafront and many tavernas, Peréa invites to beautiful sunsets in the evening. The silhouette of Thessaloniki is already recognizable on the opposite side of the bay.

Text and video: copright@myVideoMedia