Eisenstadt, the state capital of Burgenland, is the smallest state capital of Austria with approx. 14,900 inhabitants. 
Esterhazy Castle in Esenstadt - Austria
The history of Eisenstadt and the Burgenland are closely connected to the princely family of the Esterházy. They got their power by their unswerving loyalty to the emperors of the Habsburg dynasty, which rewarded them high offices. In the 17th Century, the two generations, Count Nikolaus Esterházy and Paul I Esterházy held the position of the Palatine of Hungary, the representative function of the Hungarian king.

They rebuilt the fortress into a castle. Her untiring support of art and culture is as known as their merits in the fight against Turks and Frenchmen.

Haydn House n Eisenstadt Austria

Joseph Haydn was in their services for almost 40 years and wrote his most famous works at this time. Today, his residential building is open to visitors


City Hall Eisenstadt Burgenland
The city hall, with its early Renaissance style differs from the other houses on the main square. The cathedral has significant military elements, characterized by the Turkish Wars.

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