Dodona - a Greek oracle with a long history

Dodona is located about 15 kilometers southwest of Ioannina in the Greek region of Epirus.

Dodona is regarded as the oldest oracle of Greece and had such as Delphi supra-regional significance. It lies picturesquely on a plateau at the foot of the 1818 m high Tomaros Mountains.


Dodona archaeological site GreeceThe history dates back to the Bronze Age. Dodona was regarded as a seat of the Pelasger, how the oldest population of Greece was called in the antiquity. The first finds were made approx. 2500 - 2100 v . Chr. and show the connections to Egypt whose civilization was already further developped.

Presumably, Priestesses served in the oracle at the beginning. The God father Zeus was the lord of the oracle. The form of the prophecy is still not completely clarified. The sound of the sacred oak and the flight of the holy pigeons were interpreted.

219 BC Dodona was destroyed by the Aetolians. Philipp V of Makedonien avenged this deed with the destruction of Thermos. Afterwards he reconstructed Dodona.

Due to the sacred place, Dodona was diocesan town in the 5th and 6th centuries, before the bishop´s see was moved to Ioannina.


 theater of Dodona, from the 3rd Century BCThe theater of Dodona, from the 3rd Century BC is designed with 52 seats for about 18,000 people and one of the largest theaters in the Greek world.

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