Giant Buddha of Leshan - China

The Giant Buddha of Leshan lies at the confluence of Min Jang, Dadu and Qingyi near the city of Leshan approx. 130 km south of Chengdu in the province of Sichuan. 

Among the sights of the 1,300 year-old city of Leshan are the Lingyun Temple and Wuyou Temple, but Leshan became famous for the 71 m high Buddha statue.

Leshan Giant Buddha The sedentary Buddha of Leshan is carved out of a cliff face above the river, overlooking the Emei Shan, one of the four sacred Buddhistic mountains in China. It is the biggest Buddha statue of the world. Only the head of the Buddha statue is 15 meters high and 10 meters wide. The nose is 5.6 m long and the Chinese say that a group of card players will comfortably fit in the auricles of the 7 meter long ears.

Giant Buddha LeshanThe Buddha was set up during the Tang Dynasty. In the year 713, the Chinese monk Haitong started with the construction of the Buddha statue. After his death, his disciples completed the statue after 90 years, in 803.

Since 1982, the Giant Buddha of Leshan is on the list of Major National Historical and Cultural Sites in China. In 1996, the Buddha together with the 37 km remote Mount Emei Scenic Area, was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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