Emei Shan - one of the 4 sacred mountains in China

Emei Shan is one of the 4 sacred mountains in China and symbolizes fire. 

Mount Emei ChinaOur guide had great respect for the Tibetan macaques, who do not appear that holy. By car you can drive along a beautiful winding road to an altitude of 2500 m above sea level. After a half an hour of walking through the obligatory souvenir streets you reach the cable car which carries you another 500 m higher.

The older gentleman you see in the video, accompanied by his daughter, has been traveling for two weeks already. They climbed the mountain by foot over the course of several days after spending several days traveling here from around the Peking area by train. The man's wish is to personally read a famous written scroll which is kept in the monastery.

Temple at Mount Emei China
The original daoistic Crane Temple is famous for its library and its preservation and continued development of medical knowledge.

The view from the 3000 m peak is breathtaking, as long as there are no clouds. When the view is clear, it is possible to see the first peaks of the Himalayas.

In addition to leaving devotional bits of paper, some confused Buddhists have fallen down the cliff in order to reach nirvana. The temple was completely rebuilt following a fire where everything was burnt down except for the bell. Even the three Bodhisattvas in the main hall are not the original ones.
pilgrims at Emei Shan China
The close connection of the temple to Tibetan Buddhism can be seen through its visitors.

In 1996, Emei Sahn was made UNESCO World Heritage Site, together with the Giant Buddha of Leshan.

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