Toronto Islands - a perfect place to relax

The Toronto Islands are a recreation area close to the banks of Lake Ontario. 

Like many cities in the world, the former docks have been developed as a tourist attraction and as an exclusive residential area. An apartment with a terrace in a building on the lakeshore costs several million Canadian dollars.

Skyline Toronto seen from Toronto IslandsFrom here we took the ferry along the waterfront and reached the Toronto Islands in approx 10 minutes. From that perspective we had an overwhelming sight of the city . The skyline gives us the illusion of being in a big city in the U.S. and not in Canada.

The Toronto Islands are car-free and an ideal place for city dwellers, to reduce daily stress. They were formed in 1858 after a storm, when the tide of the Don River separated the peninsula from the mainland. Who is considered somebody has a boot in one of these marinas.

Even today, the Islands are indispensable as beach protection during storms. But even as a sanctuary for many water birds such as cormorants, herons and the rare Eastern Bluebird the islands perform an important task.

In the summer months, some citizens of Toronto rent their homes and live on the Islands in houseboats.

Here one can practice all kinds of water sports. The infrastructure for the life on the islands is supported by facilities such as a fire station, churches, restaurants and shops.

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