Pope Bendikt XVI - Birthplace in Marktl am Inn

On April 19th, 2005 Cardinal of the Roman Curia Dr. Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope. As head of the Roman Catholic Church, he chose the name Benedict XVI.


Birthplace Pope Benedikt XVI in GermanyHis birthplace in Marktl am Inn - Bavaria, Germany - was immediately surrounded by television crews from around the world and in the press Marktl was described ironically as Media Marktl.


Benedikt XVI CakeEven the souvenir sales was started immediately. In rapidly self-made sales booths, people offered Pope cake and Pope bratwurst in addition to pictures and trailers with a picture of the newly elected pope.


Baptistery Benedikt XVI in Marktl am Inn GermanyAs most valuable legacy, the baptistery, where Pope Benedict was baptized, is exhibited in the museum of local history.

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