Petronell Carnuntum - most important Roman settlement in Austria

Petronell Carnuntum near Hainburg in the far east of Lower Austria was the most important Roman settlement on Austrian territory.

Heidentor -heathen gate - in Petronell-Carnuntum Austria
The best known monument is the Heidentor (heathen gate), once erected at a former cross-road and at that time, probably an emperor statue was inside.

Petronell-Carnuntum in Lower Austria
Both the camp and the civilian town had their own amphitheater at their disposal. Trajan determined the town as capital of Upper Pannonia and Hadrian declared it Municipium. During the Marcomannic Wars Marcus Aurelius pitched his headquarters at this location. Here, Septimus Severus was proclaimed by his troops Roman Emperor. In 350, an earthquake destroyed a large portion of the town. After that it was only frontier town against the Quadi (Germanic tribe) and Sarmatians (iranian people).

Archaeological Park Carnuntum in Austria
Today, Carnuntum is developed to an archaeological park. Roman houses are partially restored to their original state and resurrect the lives of the Romans. Annual Roman games are very popular by families with children.

The Archaeological Park Carnuntum opens daily from end of March till mid of November.

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