Malta Valley - the valley of the falling waterfalls

The Malta Valley in Carinthia is the eastern gate to the High Tauern National Park in Austria.

Waterfall in Maltatal - AustriaIt owes its name to the river Malta, which flows 36 km through the valley. With a variety of waterfalls, the Malta Valley fascinates the people and therefore it is rightly called the valley of the falling waterfalls.

The water power feeds the Malta power stations (Maltakraftwerke) a network of hydroelectric plants in Carinthia which have great importance for the balance of the energy demand peaks. Up to now is the largest storage power plant in Austria.

Koelnbreinsperre - Austria
We reach the Kölnbreinsperre, the core of the Malta power plants with a dam wall of 200 m of height at approx. 1900 m above sea level, over a romantic street with nine bridges and six tunnels. The Kölnbreinsperre is the highest dam in Austria, the deepest lake in Carinthia and one of the largest reservoirs in Europe.

The Malta Hochalmstrasse ( high Alpine road) with its numerous curves and beautiful panoramic views is a great destination for motorcyclists.

One finds quickly something cooling in this almost high alpine landscape on hot summer's days: Our Husky Bitch enjoys a extensive bath, if just only with the legs.


Guesthouse in Maltatal - Austria
This beautiful region offers a wide variety of activities for holiday-makers like hiking, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring in the winter. The family-friendly guest facilities make the Malta Valley a popular holiday destination for young and old.
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