Linz - a city of culture

Children's Cloud of Sound in Linz - Austria
Since the beginning of the seventies Linz, the provincial capital of Upper Austria, does its best to replace the image of the steel and industrial town by the image of a city of culture. Therefore many arts exhibitions take place particularly in summer, e.g. the Linz Cloud of Sound or the international Bruckner Festival.

On our arrival, we are in the middle of the preparations for a concert with Christina Stürmer, who is internationally respected and very close to her hometown Linz. The medieval city square serves as a concert hall for the weekly open-air events.

The Lentos a Museum of Modern Art was built at the Danube.

Besides the Bruckner House, a concert and congress center, are the banks of the Danube, a meeting place and venue for the children's Cloud of Sound. Here, national and international artists created a collection of sculptures as part of the "forum metall, 1977"

nightly illumination of the Danube in Linz - Austria
The nightly illumination of the Danube attracts attention and creates a worthy scenery for the cultural city of Linz as European Capital of Culture for 2009.

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