Klagenfurt the provincial capital of Carinthia-Austria

Klagenfurt, the provincial capital of Carinthia in Austria, is located on the east shore of the alpine lake W√∂rthersee. 


Lindwurm fountain in Klagenfurt Austria
According to legend, the city was founded at the place where brave men killed a winged dragon which lived in the moors next to the lake. A majestic sculpture, cast in one piece, adorns the Lindwurm-fountain in the city center which became the new emblem of the city. A skull of a glacial wool rhino, found in the Zollfeld plain, was the template for the head. In reality, the city was founded by the Carinthian Duke Herrmann from the Rhine-Frankish family of Spanheimer, to secure the transport routes.

Landhaus Klagenfurt in Carinthia - AustriaAfter earthquake and a plague of locusts, the city was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1514. As Emperor Maximilian I. had no money for reconstruction, he donated the city to the country's estates, until then a unique process. Thereupon the city experienced a real prosperity. At that time, the Landhaus was built, now the seat of the State Assembly. In the great hall of arms, decorated with more than 650 coat of arms of the nobility estates, the donation is shown on one of the paintings. On the opposite wall, you see the enthronement of the Carinthian Duke at the Prince's Stone in Karnburg. Karnburg was the center of the Slavic empire Carantania. At the foot of the painting you see the Prince's Stone, the oldest monument of medieval law in Carinthian history. The ceiling fresco shows the hereditary homage of emperor Karl VI. In 1728.

The cathedral is regarded to be the most important Protestant church building in the German-speaking room although it is Roman Catholic since 1604.

bakers' boy in Klagenfurt
At the Old Square, you see the Portrait of a bakers' boy who was wrongly executed for stealing. A saga says that after his innocence was proven, the name of the city of Klagenfurt derived from this event.

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