Halifax Pier 21 - Nova Scotia - Canada

Carneval Triumph at Halifax Pier21
During our visit, the four-star cruise ship Carnival Triumph with over 3000 passengers on board had just docked at Pier 21 in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.

Halifax Pier 21 Nova Scotia Canada 
 Up to the early 70s of the 20th Century, Pier 21 was the gateway to a new home and future for more than one million immigrants from around the world. With the increasing importance of the passenger flights, the immigration by sea lost its position. The milestones in the history of immigration are shown in the museum at Halfax Pier 21.

HMCS Sackville in Halifax
One can also visit the only still existing corvette from the Second World War, the HMCS Sackville. Used to detect and repelling enemy submarines, she received a torpedo hit, then served as a training ship and after the war she was used as a research vessel. Even the leadership of the Carnival Triumph uses the stay to take a closer look at the historic ship.

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