Historic Fort York in Toronto - Canada

Historic Fort York of 1783 is regarded as origin of Toronto. 

Historic Fort York demonstrations in historical costumesIt is the largest collection of old buildings from the War of 1812. During summer months, you can watch the hourly demonstrations in historical costumes.


officers house in Fort York
During a visit, one can clearly see the difference in comfort between officer and crew quarters.

In 1615 the Frenchman Etienne Brule and Samuel de Champlain reached this place as first Europeans. The first fur trading posts emerged in 1720. The first settlements date from 1788, after the British had bought the land from the Mississauga Indians and had constructed Fort York. During the War of 1812, the city was twice occupied by the Americans. Still today, the Canadians see the war as a successful defensive battle against the expansionism of Americans and as a significant contribution to the formation of a Canadian national sentiment.


Entrance Historic Fort York TorontoIt in this respect is not surprising that the Canadians see Fort York as one of the birth places of Canada. Since 1923, Historic Fort York is a National Historic Site.

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