City tour through Ottawa - Canada

stunning reflections in the glass facades of the modern skyscrapers

Ottawa, Canada, owes a good part of its charm not only his residents but as well the stunning reflections of the Victorian buildings in the glass facades of the modern skyscrapers. Everywhere, one has tried to merge historical with modern architecture.


Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
Our tour leads to the other side of the Ottawa river to the Museum of Civilization. From here one can recognize very well where the Parliaments Hill got its name from.

Those who don't like to walk might use an amphibious bus.

Rideau Canal and Chateau Laurier OttawaThe beginning of the Rideau Canal is very good recognizably with the 8 sluice steps which overcome 24 m at this point. The hotel Château Laurier dominates the elevation next to it.

The Museum of Civilization, designed by Douglas Cardinal, is considered as a masterpiece of architecture. It was built solely with domestic materials and has only curves and no edges.

National Gallery Ottawa
National Gallery
On a hill at the other side of the Ottawa river is the National Gallery, Canada's largest collection of European art.

Besides you see the Notre-Dame Basilica, the seat of the Archbishop.

Past the U.S. Embassy we reach the Majors Hill Park, a popular meeting place and a lively place but at the same time a place to relax. A stay on the balustrades grants a privileged view of what is happening in the locks of the Rideau Canal. You can see that up to now, they are still operated by hand.

Usually, the Rideau Canal freezes during the winter months; then it is perhaps the longest skating rink in the world. Next to it you find the Government Conference Centre and the Rideau Centre that invites you for a shopping tour.

The Château Laurier Hotel, built in 1912 in the style of a French castle, was a prestige object of the Canadian National. Later it was sold to the Canadian Pacific. Famous statesmen and artists, in short the famous of the world, belong to his guests.

It is as well a popular place for wedding celebrations.

During our visit, the Happy Pride parade passes in front of the parliament. The spectacle of a somewhat different kind is the counterpart to the Christopher Street Parade.


Currency Museum
Currency Museum
A stone's throw from the Parliament is the Currency Museum, showing everything about historic coins and banknotes. The 12-storey building is a true cathedral of money.

During an evening stroll through the Sparks Street Mall, you can be sure not to return home without a street concert.

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