Kastoria a picturesque town in Western Macedonia, Greece

Kastoria, a picturesque town in Western Macedonia, Greece, is situated on a promontory on the western shore of Lake Kastoria, also called Lake Orestida, which fills a volcanic crater.

Kastoria in Western Macedonia - Greece
The town with its over 70 chapels and churches is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Kastoria has a long tradition in the fur trade and furrier skilled crafts and is still the center of the fur processing in Europe. The trade fair taking place during our stay, underlines the importance

Already 1939, Kastoria was a center of the fur trade. The well preserved mansions of the Macedonian fur traders, with a ground floor made of stone and an upper floor from half-timber, are evidence of the prosperity of the profession.

House of the fur trader Nerandzi Aivazi from 17th century
The former residential building of the famous fur trader Nerandzi Aivazi from the 17th Century, was formed as a folklore museum and permits an insight into the living conditions of this region. In these magnificent rooms, ministers and bishops were festively entertained already.

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