Chlemoutsi - a medieval castle in Greece


The medieval castle Chlemoutsi, also called Castel Tornese, is located in the northwest of the Peloponnese, 80 km southwest of Patras.medieval castle Chlemoutsi Peleponnese

The castle stands on a 250 m high hilltop, watching over the peninsula Kyllini and the Ionian Sea.

It was built by French knights of the Fourth Crusade in the 12th Century, during the reign of Geoffrey I of Villehardouin.
Inside Castel Tornese Greece

It is among the largest and best preserved castles in Greece. After the fall of Constantinople, the castle fell to the Turks and later it was taken by the Venetians.

Inside Castel Tornese - Chlemoutsi - Greece In the Greek War of Independence, Chlemoutsi was occupied by the troops of the Egyptian General Ibrahim Pasha who tore it down.

The main hall and the big hall with a length of 70 m document the great talents of the master builders.

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