Speicherstadt -warehouse district- in Hamburg - Germany

Speicherstadt Hamburg Germany
The Speicherstadt (city of warehouses) in Hamburg is part of HafenCity (port city, a district of Hamburg) and was originally part of the free port. The warehouse district, founded on timber-piles, was expanded continuously since 1883.

6 loading canals, the so-called Fleete, facilitated the transport to and from the warehouses. Since 1991 the warehouse district is classified as a historical monument.

Today the development of the port city is characterized by residential and office buildings. A new overseas terminal for great passenger liners was built here.

Speicherstadt Hamburg coffee rosting
coffee roasting

Many carpet dealers and a few companies trading tea and coffee are located in the warehouses. During a visit at the coffee roaster in the warehouse district of Hamburg you can enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the roasting process.
Speicherstadt Hamburg Maritimes Museum
The cultural value of the district has been increased; a number of museums and theaters as well as the biggest model railway in the world have found a location here. The provisionally crowning completion will be carried out with the inauguration of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

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