Hofkirche -Court Church- in Innsbruck - Austria

The Hofkirche - Court Church – with the tomb of Maximilian I is in the center of Innsbruck, right on the outskirts of the old town. 

Tomb of Maximilian I in the Hofkirche in Innsbruck - AustriaEmperor Maximilian I. planned his own monuments already in his lifetime. His monument in the court church Innsbruck is one of the most important cultural monuments in Europe. When he died in the town of Wels it was his wish to be buried in Wels. 28 larger than life statues are symbolizing his family, the Christianity and the claim to power on other European royal houses are grouped around the cenotaph in Innsbruck.

The monument was planned in competition to pope Julius II. The pope appointed Michelangelo to create a similar building, but at the end Michelangelo had to create the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. During the completion time of the building in Innsbruck by the grandson of Maximilian, Emperor Ferdinand I and his son archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol, 20 popes each with ideas of his own, reigned in Rome and at the end only the figure of the Moses was completed. 
Tomb of Andreas Hofer in the Hofkirche Innsbruck - Austria
Andreas Hofer

Andreas Hofer, a Tyrolean patriot, found his last resting-place in the Hofkirche.

Ferdinand II and his bourgeois wife Philippine Welser are buried in Silver Chapel, a side chapel of the Hofkirche.

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