Skiing holidays in Gaschurn, Vorarlberg - Austria 1999

Gaschurn Austria
February 1999, it began like normal skiing holidays. We were the second day on the slopes and at lunchtime it started snowing heavily. Skiing was canceled but we had hoped that the weather the would be back to normal the next day.

However, this was not the case. Due to avalanche danger the road to Gaschurn was closed and we were stuck. From now on, it snowed every day, approx. 50 cm of fresh snow.
Snow in Gaschurn Austria

We spent our time in a coffeehouse or with snow-shovelling. We followed every rumor, saying that the street would be opened again. On 4th day the road was opened for 30 minutes and we could depart, luckily we had freed the car from snow. Later we learned from the media that the street was closed another 4 days.

Luckily, there are not so much snow every year. The area around Gaschurn is a wonderful skiing region.

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