Wanzhou Wanxian Chongqing - China

Wanzhou - fromerly called Wanxian - a district of Chongqing
Wanzhou (万州区), formerly called Wanxian, was built from scratch and is a district of Chongqing with 1.7 million inhabitants today. We had the opportunity to visit the home of a retired factory employee. The large roof garden suggests that he is more likely to be among the more privileged residents.

In the video you see older women who practice Tai Chi on the road. Developed as a martial arts, the name Tai Chi is used today as expression for the gymnastics, that serves for meditation and strengthening health. A typical Chinese market offers all daily food necessities, such as meat, fresh vegetables and cooking ingredients listed. 

hanging coffin of Tuja nationality

In the local museum, old hanging coffins from two millennia are displayed belonging to the descendants of the Tujia nationality (
土家族) with a population of 8.3 million. We saw some hanging coffins of the Tuja already in the valley of the Shennong River. A coffin weighs approx. 400 kg and was always built for 2 persons. From the genetic examinations of the decedents one knows that it was usual to give a young man a slightly older woman as a companion. The women showed holes in their head, so one can emanate a violent death. Two models also show the methods as the coffins were brought to the vertical walls. 
landing peer in Wanzhou –  a washing place for laundry

The steep steps to the ship’s landing – simultaneously a washing place for laundry , or beating the laundry as the Chinese say, show us for a very brief time the true level of the river. 

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