St. Pauli landing stages in Hamburg

St. Pauli landing stages
The St. Pauli landing stages in Hamburg, built in 1839, were continuously enlarged and renovated. The floating pontoons were originally designed to ensure a safe distance of the steamship and to avoid the associated fire risk.

The terminal building with the tower and its domes was built in 1907 by the architects Raabe Wöhlecke. Today, the St. Pauli Landing Stages are a central hub for subway and commuter trains, ships and taxis.

In addition, the old Elbe Tunnel, opened in 1911, connects the St. Pauli Landing Stages with the opposite bank of the river Elbe. Today it serves as a pedestrian tunnel and sometimes as set for movies like The American Friend by Wim Wenders, The Odessa File or Dollars with Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn.

View towards Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Since the opening of the new overseas terminal upstream from the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the large passenger ships no longer land here.

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