Health care in Wanzhou Chongqing -China

In Wanzhou, a district of Chongqing in the Yangtze River, we get a glimpse of the health care system in China. Health care also takes place publicly on a crowded place.

Chinese medecine on Wanzhou market

A doctor has opened its mobile clinic right next to the market in Wanzhou. With traditional Chinese medicine, the patients are treated in 30-second intervals. The patients treat each other under guidance mutually.

It is not conceivable that China has a bonus system for the occupancy of hospital beds. The average life expectancy in China lies about 6 years lower than in Germany (source: World Bank). Presumably, a large proportion is due to the hygienic conditions in the country.

In Shanghai, the average life expectancy is about 2 years higher than in Germany. After an excursion to a privately funded health service, China steers back again and the state takes on more responsibility. Approx. 90% of the population are now covered by health insurance. Nevertheless, the costs of health care are only around 5% of GDP in China, in Germany they are 10 - 11% of GDP.

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