Necromanteion the entrance to the underworld - Greece

Necromanteion in Greece, the temple of necromancy devoted to Hades, was regarded in mythology as the entrance to the underworld. The Necromanteion is located near the former muzzle of the Acheron river, which is silted up in the meantime. Large vessels and pantries show the donation willingness of visitors to appease the dead. 
underground room Necromanteion GreeceThe visitors of the Necromanteion reached the underground room through great bronze doors and a maze. This was the place where the dead could be questioned. Mechanical devices for generating shadows of the dead in diffused light provided the necessary dramaturgy. Following the meeting, the visitors were bound to secrecy about all what was experienced.
remains of monastery John the Baptis in Necromanteion Greece
On the remains of the Necromanteion one had built a monastery dedicated to John the Baptis.

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