Gezhouba Dam - Yangtze - China

Gezhouba Dam - Yangtze River - China
The Gezhou Dam - Gezhouba Dam 长江 葛洲坝 水利 枢纽 工程 - in Hubei Province is the first dam on the Yangtze River. It is northwest of Yichang, about 40 km downstream of the Three Gorges Dam. It was the so-called experimental dam of the Three Gorges project, because one wanted to gain experience for the Three Gorges Dam project. Started on December 30, 1970 the construction ended on December10,1988. The Gezhou Dam is 1.6 miles long, 235 ft. high and holds the Yangtze at a 72 ft height.

Spread over two hydro-electric plants,the 21 generators with a total installed capacity of 2.715 megawatt, generate an annual output of 15.7 Gwh of electricity. The hydroelectric plant is among the largest in the world.

inside Gezhou Dam
As you can see in the video, we reach the Gezhou Dam in the dawn. In the haze of the fog one can recognize the first houses of the borough Xiling, part of the prefecture-level city of Yichang. Although it belongs to the largest dams of the world, the lock so tight that pushing and shoving it normal. 7 - 8 ships can be lifted at the same time.

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