Schlossberg - Castle Mountain - Graz - Austria

City of Graz in AustriaAbove the center of Graz in Styria in Austria, is the Schlossberg – the Castle Mountain. It can be reached by funicular railway – the Schlossbergbahn.

From the top, you have the best view of the city, the museum of modern art and the Murinsel – an artificial island in the river Mur. 

Clock Tower the symbol of Graz in Austria
Clock Tower
The Schlossberg is crowned by the clock tower, the symbol of Graz, the almost only relic of the former fortress. It had never been occupied and according to the Guinness Book of World Records it was the strongest fortress of all time. When Napoleon occupied Vienna, he could achieve that the fortress was dragged. Instead of the castle a garden was laid out with Mediterranean plants.  An open-air theatre has been installed in the casemates, the former vaulted cellar roofs. 

Over a steep walk we reach the old town, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999.

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