Art House and Murinsel in Graz - Austria

Art House in Graz in Styria - Austria
Art House
The art house created on the occasion of the European Capital of Culture in 2003 in Graz (Styria, Austria) was integrated with the façade of the iron house, built in1847, and forms a strong contrast with the surrounding buildings. At night the modern glass façade can be used as a display to let the exhibited art sink in the public space.

Murinsel the modern landmark of Graz in Styria - Austria
The Murinsel, the modern landmark of the city of Graz, is between art house and Schlossberg in the Mur River. The floating steel construction in form of a sea shell was designed by New York artist and designer Vito Acconci after an idea of Robert Punkenhofer from Graz. The Murnsel is bridge, cafe and children's play area as well as meeting point of the youth in the amphitheater on sunny days.

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