Mausoleum of Ferdinand II in Graz - Austria

Graz, the capital of Styria, entered the historical stage late. Although settlement activity in this area could be detected already in 3,000 BC., Graz received its town charter only in the 12th century.  In Styria resided the Traungauer - earls, margraves and dukes of the line of Otakar. Emperor Ferdinand II, regarded as trigger of the 30-year war, was born and buried in Graz. With him Graz became the center of European history although he had his government in Vienna.

Mausoleum of Ferdinand II in St Catherines Church in Graz Austria
Ferdinand II was considered as good-natured but easily influenced ruler, who was all too much under the negative influence of his advisers Ulrich von Eggenberg and Wallenstein, who enriched themselves at his expense. Educated by the Jesuits in Ingolstadt, Ferdinand could cancel the principle of freedom of religion and forced especially Protestants into exile, a development that culminated in the Thirty Years War.

His burial plot in the St. Catherine's Church right next to the cathedral is considered the biggest mausoleum of the House of Habsburg. The oval dome of the chapel is the first of its kind outside of Italy.

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