Ioannina - Greece

Lake Pamvotis Ioannina Greece
Lake Pamvotis
Ioannina ( Ιωάννινα )is the capital of the Greek region of Epirus. It is about 500m above sea level on the western shore of Lake Pamvotis

Founded by the Romans, Ioannina was the center of the Despotate of Epirus, which was frequently harassed from outside. Again and again, it was subject to attacks by the Serbs and Byzantines until 1430 where it went to the Ottoman Empire for 500 years. With its narrow streets and crooked buildings, Ioannina radiates today a strong oriental flair.

End of the 18th Century, Ali Pasha took over the rule of in Epirus. The native Albanian ruled practically independent of the Sublime Porte - the Ottoman government - and counted on an army of 100,000 men which were recruited partly from Albanian and Greek resistance fighters. France and Britain had independent embassies at his court. That Ali Pasha was aware of his power showed the example that he let drown Frosini, the favorite wife of his son with 16 other women in the lake, because they refused to be part of his harem. Although Ali paid his tribute, Sultan Mahmud II sent an army which arrested him in his fortress over a year. With cunning he was lured on the island where he was shot in the Panteleimon monastery. He was buried in a mausoleum in the citadel.

Mausoleum in the citadel in Ioannia Greece
Other attractions in the city include the Aslan Pasha Mosque and the Clock Tower. The city is known for its metal processing and especially for silver jewelry.

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