Graz the provincial capital of Styria - Austria

On the main square of Graz, the provincial capital of Styria in Austria, dominated by the town hall, there is a monument of Archduke Johann, who rendered outstanding services to the Styria. He promoted the progress in technology and agriculture and also in art, culture and on a social field. His solidarity of the people made him a role model of the Styrian people. Due to his marriage to the civil Anna Plochl he had to give up the succession to the throne. His wife and son were granted 15 years later the hereditary title Countess and Count of Meran. It is to him that we owe the foundation of the Universal museum Joanneum.

Arcade court inside the Landhaus in Graz
Landhaus - arcade court

In the Herrengasse – a baroque boulevard in the center - you can see the house in which Napoleon had his accommodation.

A few steps away is the Landhaus, seat of the government of Styria. It is considered one of the most important Renaissance buildings in Central Europe. Of particular interest is the arcade court inside.
imperial court influenced architecture in GrazPast the opera that presents itself quite artistically packaged, we reach the old center of power with the castle and the mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II.

The imperial court has influenced the architecture of the surrounding shops.

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