Open House - Manufacture of Damascus Knives

billet of a damascus knife
Damascus Knives are among the best knives in the Knifemakers' Guild. They combine long-lasting sharpness of the blade with the break resistance of soft steel.

manufacture of damascus knivesDifferent layers of iron are welded with various additions such as manganese, nickel, silicon, vanadium, molybdenum, chromium or carbon and forged. The layers are doubled by folding and the forging process is repeated until the desired number of layers is reached. The desired shape with a smooth surface is created by grinding, hardening and polishing. Finally the characteristic pattern of Damascus steel is produced by etching.

On the open house with the mouse (The Program with the Mouse is a children's series on German television) Guido Wieland showed children and interested audience the entire manufacturing process in his blacksmith shop - Woelund - in Leudersdorf in the Eifel.

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