Teurnia a Metropolitan Seat in Carinthia - Austria

Visitors, who come the first time to the wooded hills of St. Peter in Wood, a few kilometers west of Spital at the Drava in Austria, would not suspect that people settled here already in the urnfield culture here. Later, the Celts and the Romans built one of the largest cities of Noricum, Teurnia with about 30,000 inhabitants.

Already in the 4th century the inhabitants were Christians. Presumably Teurnia was a Metropolitan seat, the seat of the Archbishop of inland Noricum. In the 6th century, Bishop Leonianus of Teurnia belonged to the schismatics which did not appreciate the papacy.

 three-nave Episcopal Church in Teurnia - Austria
The three-nave Episcopal Church is now roofed and open to the public. The connected hospice is covered again with soil. Here are the roots of Christianity in Austria. The nearby modern museum displays many finds from Teurnia, including rare amphorae, reliefs and pieces of jewelry. When we visited the museum, the director of the museum took the time to show us a approx. 2,000-year old Celtic spearhead.
Mosaic in Teurnia near St-Peter-im-Holz carinthia 
In Teurnia there is yet another special feature. On the valley floor, a second church with an excellent preserved mosaic was found. Presumably the Arians celebrated their worship here, while the Roman Catholic Christians were praying in the Episcopal Church. The motives of the ornament give information about the Christian body of thought at that time.

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