Austrian Grave in the Abbey of Stams - Austra

Arborvitae in th Abbey of Stams in Tyrol Austria
Cistercian Abbey in Stams in Tyrol Austria
Cistercia Abbey
The municipality of Stams is 23 miles west of Innsbruck in Tyrol, Austria. Stams is not only known for its ski school, a hotbed for nearly all Austrian ski jumpers, but also for its Cistercian Abbey.

The high altar in the basilica of the beginning of the 17th century carries the symbolized representation of a gigantic arborvitae.

Under a crucifixion scene, which is set into the floor of the church is the "Austrian grave", designed by Andreas Thamasch. Among other nobles the Duke of Austria Frederick IV, known as Frederick of the Empty Pockets, and the Archduke of Austria Sigismund, known as Sigismund rich of coins, are buried in this royal crypt.

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